Invasion of Illegal Children

So now the Obama Administration are asking for over $3.7 Billion (yes that B as in Billion) to help in the aid for the influx of children coming across the border into the U.S.  My first question on this is….WHY?  Why are we allowing this?  Why are the border patrols standing down and not doing what we pay them to do?  Why are we allowing this Administration to continue to bus these people in?  What part of “We are broke and cannot afford our own citizens” does this Administration not understand.

Now lets go to another point.  These children probably haven’t had proper health immunizations.  What kind of illnesses will we be seeing soon because of that?  We have children right here in the our own towns and communities that don’t get what they need to survive and we are bussing in more that don’t even belong here?  Dear God is no one going to stop this madness!!

I know there are a lot of people out there this will say, “But they are children”.  Yes they are and my prayers are with them, BUT we have to be smart on how to help them and not foolish.

We do not have the resources right now to handle this invasion. Yes, invasion.  That is the only term that fits this disaster of a situation.


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