Why has this President been allowed to do things outside the proper chain of command so to speak?  Now before anyone jumps on the race card…let me give you a heads up.  I did not vote for Obama…not because of his skin color, but because he ran Democrat and I am a Republican.  I didnt agree with his message then and I still dont (even more so) today.  If a black Presidential candidate ran and I believed in his message, his ideals and his ability to get the job done, I would have happily voted for him.

In my opinion, Obama had a monumental moment here.  To not only be the first black President, but to be the first black President and the President that brought America together again.  He has failed miserably in my opinion.

Now that the race card has been dealt with, lets get down to it.  Why hasn’t this President been impeached yet?  He has committed outrageous acts against our country and its people by giving himself power he does not have.  Yet we are silent still.  Why?

Now here is where I will call the race card out.  It is because he is black.  That can be the only logical reason that he is still in office today. Not only him but a lot of his staff, cabinet, etc. should be dealt with and swiftly.  Corruption from the top down!  It is spiraling out of control and no one is doing squat about it.

We are the laughing stock as far as countries go right now.


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