Invasion of Illegal Children

So now the Obama Administration are asking for over $3.7 Billion (yes that B as in Billion) to help in the aid for the influx of children coming across the border into the U.S.  My first question on this is….WHY?  Why are we allowing this?  Why are the border patrols standing down and not doing what we pay them to do?  Why are we allowing this Administration to continue to bus these people in?  What part of “We are broke and cannot afford our own citizens” does this Administration not understand.

Now lets go to another point.  These children probably haven’t had proper health immunizations.  What kind of illnesses will we be seeing soon because of that?  We have children right here in the our own towns and communities that don’t get what they need to survive and we are bussing in more that don’t even belong here?  Dear God is no one going to stop this madness!!

I know there are a lot of people out there this will say, “But they are children”.  Yes they are and my prayers are with them, BUT we have to be smart on how to help them and not foolish.

We do not have the resources right now to handle this invasion. Yes, invasion.  That is the only term that fits this disaster of a situation.



Why has this President been allowed to do things outside the proper chain of command so to speak?  Now before anyone jumps on the race card…let me give you a heads up.  I did not vote for Obama…not because of his skin color, but because he ran Democrat and I am a Republican.  I didnt agree with his message then and I still dont (even more so) today.  If a black Presidential candidate ran and I believed in his message, his ideals and his ability to get the job done, I would have happily voted for him.

In my opinion, Obama had a monumental moment here.  To not only be the first black President, but to be the first black President and the President that brought America together again.  He has failed miserably in my opinion.

Now that the race card has been dealt with, lets get down to it.  Why hasn’t this President been impeached yet?  He has committed outrageous acts against our country and its people by giving himself power he does not have.  Yet we are silent still.  Why?

Now here is where I will call the race card out.  It is because he is black.  That can be the only logical reason that he is still in office today. Not only him but a lot of his staff, cabinet, etc. should be dealt with and swiftly.  Corruption from the top down!  It is spiraling out of control and no one is doing squat about it.

We are the laughing stock as far as countries go right now.


Life In America ?

Has it always been this way or is it because I am getting older that I look at our younger generation and think “man, they don’t give a shit?” I guess  when I was their age I was that way too…not quite so much though. I did read the papers. I did watch the news. My biggest problem of the day wasn’t taking a pic of what I was drinking so e1 could see it. Then again who knows if facebook was around then, I might have (probably not lol) . Here is my concern: If our younger generations don’t get up to speed on what is happening…who is going to turn this country around? We are all being led blindly like sheep to the slaughter and not many are screaming “Run, there is a cliff ahead!.” Where are the patriots screaming “The Yankees are coming!” (No offense Yanks 😉 ) We are all so concerned about our little tiny bubble of lives that we don’t think that the BIG picture of world politics and issues will affect us. Are we that stupid to the reality of life? Has our “Give A Damn” busted so much that we would rather just go with the flow? I for one have made it a mission of mine recently to stay informed. To stop wasting time on so much stuff that doesn’t matter and focus on learning things that will help me, my kids and their kids in the future.



I am in no way in agreement with what is going on with our borders.  If you want to walk thru the front door and become a legal US citizen…you have my full blessings.  However if you come thru the back door unannounced.. I have an issue with that.  Now Florida’s governor Rick Scott has paved the way for non citizens to get in state tuition.  Wrong wrong wrong!!!  How is that fair.  If my child who is a US citizen lives in another state but wants to come back home to go to college.. He would have to pay out of state costs.  This is total bs!  Why are our leaders hell bent on giving our country away?


Place to share, inform, enlighten and inspire.

I was never a history buff in school.  Didn’t care for it actually.  Now it’s a different story.  With all that is happening here in the United States of America and around the world, I felt I needed a place to vent.  I also realize that I wanted a place for others to share thoughts, news, facts, etc. so that we can all learn something and maybe, just maybe help change the mindset of those that don’t fully see the BIG picture of where our great country is headed.